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Family Experience

Hear from families who have already started this journey.

  • "Adopting a teen has been the best, most challenging, and definitely a profoundly positive life changing experience for our entire family. Our kids now have an older sister to look up to and we have a daughter who is maturing into a beautiful young woman. This experience has expanded our view of love, sacrifice, and family and we would do it all over again!"

    Ryan, Adoptive Dad
  • "All of his short life, our 11-year-old adoptive son received the message “I don’t deserve a home,” from every home and family that he was kicked out of or removed from. It was up to us to show him that he does deserve a home, a family. He needs to experience forgiveness from parents that love him and are willing to stick by him."

    Jacqueline, Adoptive Mom


Frequently asked questions about foster care and adoption.

  • QWhy adopt out of foster care?

    Every child deserves to grow up parents and a family that is able to nurture, love, and provide hope for the future. Adoptable children in foster care have experienced trauma and neglect and need a loving and stable home in order to receive the physical and emotional healing necessary for them mature into adults. Without a consistent relationship that a family provides these children will struggle significantly as they continue to age.

  • QWhat age group represents the greatest need for adoptive homes?

    Every child who is legally free for adoption is in great need of a forever family. Children who are 10 years and older represent the greatest need for a family as are often overlooked due to their age. These children long for the love and support of parents who can give them the structure and environment to grow into adulthood.

  • QWhat type of parenting support will I receive once the child is in our home?

    At Christian Family Care, we offer all parents training, coaching and counseling in order to encourage, elevate, and equip them to become the best parent(s) for their adoptive child. The tools and training from our counseling services will help parents bring hope and healing to their child who are coming from traumatic backgrounds.

  • QAfter the adoption is finalized, will I still be able to count on your support?

    Services for you and your child will continue to remain available after adoption finalization if needed. Christian Family Care is here to support you throughout your journey. Counseling services can be requested after an adoption is finalized. Also, parents who adopt children from foster care are eligible to receive adoption subsidy until the child turns 18 years old from the State.

  • QHow much will it cost me to become a foster/adoptive parent?

    There is no charge to the family for the licensing process to become a foster/adoptive family. After a child is placed in your home the state will pay you a monthly subsidy to cover the expenses incurred for room and board, clothing and supplies. There is an additional amount paid once a year to help cover additional clothing expenses. All of the child’s medical and dental expenses are covered by the state medical plan. Counseling and therapy needs are also covered by the state if the child is eligible and funds are available.

  • QHow long will it take for me to get a child?

    The licensing process usually takes about 4 to 6 months. You will have to be fingerprinted. You will need 30 hours (or more) of special training to prepare you to better understand the issues and problems facing foster children. You will have a home study completed by Christian Family Care to get to know you better. You will need a home inspection by the Arizona Office of Licensing & Certification. After your license is issued, the time it takes for a placement will depend on the age and the number of children you are willing to care for in foster care or the transition plan set by the team for an adoptable child.

  • QWhat is Christian Family Care Agency’s role in this process?

    We are a licensing agency contracted by the State of Arizona. We will walk you through the process, provide you with training, do the home study and prepare you for the home inspection. After you become licensed, our agency will provide you with an ongoing worker to help you find a placement and to encourage you, and pray with you, as you nurture a hurting child. We also are responsible to help you renew your license each year.

  • QCan I specify what child I take into my home?

    After you finish the licensing process you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire regarding the age, sex and number of children you are interested in. You will also be asked about the emotional and physical challenges that you would be willing to tackle. Before a placement is made, your Christian Family Care licensing worker will discuss a specific child with you and help you decide whether or not that child would be a match for your family.

  • QWhere do the foster children come from?

    Our foster children come from the Department of Child Safety (DCS). The children are in the custody of the State. All of the foster care agencies in the state provide care for DCS children. Placements are made according to needs (location, special needs…) of the child.