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Meet Christina!

Christina, who likes to be called CC, has a good head on her shoulders. CC enjoys being creative and hands-on. CC enjoys cooking, baking, crocheting, and doing arts and crafts, she does it all! CC also likes just spending time with the family. Whether it be playing board games, video games, or having a good conversation, CC is more than happy to do so. When it comes to some good grub, anything with carbs (especially pasta) is a great go-to for CC. CC is open to new experiences, as long as they are done with people she enjoys.

CC is a straight-A student. CC wants to become either a cosmetologist or a criminologist. She understands that those careers are two different things but it all comes down to CC being able to continue that love for being hands-on. CC enjoys spending time with friends both at and outside of school, just relishing in each other’s company.

CC is looking for a family who is understanding of teens. CC is an easygoing person who is reasonable and always open to getting both sides of a disagreement. So, a family who has great communication skills would be ideal. A family that has pets is wanted. Overall, a family who will encourage CC and be the support that she needs would be great.

Christina was born in 2007.

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