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Gabriel is an energetic and humorous young man who loves to stay active. His favorite past times include playing basketball, baseball, and zombie-tag with his friends. He also enjoys playing with his Legos, Pokémon cards, and video games, like Minecraft, when he is indoors.

Gabriel thrives when he can show off his imagination. He loves to find creative solutions to solving problems and applies those skills when building Legos or playing board games. He loves watching TV shows like Gravity Falls and YouTube stars and dreams of being one himself. When Gabe feels safe and secure, he has a great sense of humor and loves interacting with others.

You can find Gabriel at any Mexican food restaurant chowing down on tacos and burritos (his favorite food). When at school, Gabriel says he enjoys learning new things in science, like who was the first man to land on the moon.

One day, Gabriel hopes to work at Game Stop and watch a Dodgers game when he grows old enough.

Gabriel would benefit from being in a one or two-parent home with no other children, or if there are siblings, he would need to be the youngest. The family for Gabe would have experience parenting children in the foster care system and who can provide structure and have patience with him as he grows up.

Gabriel was born in 2007.

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