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Manny is an inquisitive child who loves Pokémon cards and playing video games. Manny also enjoys watching movies and going swimming. Manny is calm, polite, and social and likes being around people.

Manny has a clever sense of humor and enjoys Uno, playing on the trampoline, and jumping rope. He said that his perfect day would be spent with his aunt and uncle at a trampoline park. Manny is described by others as being a fun, easygoing and witty child who is kind to others. Manny has also made great strides in academics and enjoys seeing his friends at school.

The ideal family for Manny would be trauma-informed and provide a structured routine. Manny would do best as either the youngest sibling or as the only child in the home. Most of all, Manny needs a nurturing family that will love him unconditionally and be invested in his future.

Manny was born in 2007.

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