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Meet Manny!

People who know Manny will tell you that he is fun, smart, and a caring child who is kind to others.

Manny is an active and happy child who loves Pokémon cards. He enjoys going to the movies, playing video games, swimming, and playing sports. Recently, his favorite sports to play have been soccer and basketball. He also looks forward to going to the park to play on the playground and shares how much he likes to play with his best friend during recess. Manny also enjoys doing yoga, jumping on the trampoline, and jumping rope.

When asked what Manny wants to do when he grows up, he proudly shares that he would like to be a “mailman”! Manny’s favorite subjects in school are reading and math. He hopes to get better at science. Manny has made great strides in his academics and improved significantly over the past year.

Manny was born in 2007.

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