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Mee Olivia!

Olivia is a sweet, vulnerable child who needs full-time care due to significant health issues. However, is a happy little girl with a bright smile and a strong spirit. She enjoys listening to soft, soothing classical music, taking warm baths, playing with her rattle, and snuggling up with a soft blanket and her favorite stuffed animal. Olivia also loves to be sung to and have her hand held. Olivia especially enjoys being out in the sunshine with people who are familiar to her.

Although Olivia cannot express herself through words, she has a unique way of communicating. She recognizes the voices of those around her and forms a deep and unspoken bond with her caregivers. Her ability to connect on this profound level demonstrates the immense capacity of the human heart to love and be loved, transcending words. She will turn her head and tune in to familiar voices and when she is happy give big smiles and let out squeals of delight.

Olivia does attend school and has an extensive IEP to help her increase her gross motor function. Olivia would do well in a family that has experience with wholly dependent children and can devote their time to caring for and loving her. Olivia has no behavioral issues but does best in a calm, quiet environment without too much stimulation.

Olivia was born in 2015.

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