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Meet Isaac!

Isaac is a bright, fun-loving boy who enjoys being outdoors, playing sports, fishing, riding bikes, and getting lots of physical activity. Isaac also enjoys video games, Monopoly, puzzles, and art; he is very creative. His absolute favorite things to do are play football and basketball. Isaac likes to show his skills to others and teach them how to play.

Isaac is not a picky eater and enjoys most foods. His favorite is Mexican food, but he is always open to trying new things and experimenting with new flavors.

When Isaac has time to build trusting relationships and feels accepted and safe, he can excel in anything he sets his mind to. He is naturally curious, can focus long periods on learning something he enjoys, and likes learning new skills. He does well in school and especially enjoys math and science. Isaac hopes to play professional sports someday or possibly coach others.

Isaac needs structure in his life and would do best in a family that is patient and willing to take the time to bond with him and slowly integrate him into their family while allowing him to pursue his passion for sports and art.

Isaac would do well in an active two-parent home with plenty of one-on-one time and attention. He would do best in a home as an only child or with siblings who are several years older than he is.

Isaac was born in 2012.

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