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Meet Matthew!

Matthew is a compassionate and creative young boy. He enjoys playing basketball, riding his bike, gardening, and building things with Legos. His favorite restaurant is Panda Express, and he loves eating spicy ramen. When he is not outside riding his bike or playing with his friends, he likes to watch TV shows and play card games.

Matthew likes his teachers at school and really enjoys recess and lunchtime. He loves staying active and responds well to structure. He enjoys learning new things and sharing creative ideas with others. Matthew is determined to work hard to reach goals for his future and is interested in joining the military.

The ideal family for Matthew would be patient, kind, and willing to work diligently on meeting his needs. Matthew does well in one-on-one interactions. It is important to Matthew to maintain his bio-family connections moving forward. Lastly, Matthew would thrive in a two-parent household that has no children, or siblings that are much older, as he does well with lots of attention. He should be in a home with no pets.

Matthew was born in 2011.

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