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Meet Matthew!

He is a compassionate and creative young boy. He enjoys riding his bike, playing games, and building things with Legos. His favorite foods are carrots, noodles, and meatball subs. When he is not outside riding his bike or playing with his friends, he likes to watch TV shows like Craig of the Creek. He enjoys watching soccer and said that he does not pick sides because he thinks everyone deserves to be cheered for.

Matthew likes his teachers at school and enjoys math and lunchtime because he likes to eat. He enjoys learning new things and sharing what he is learning in school with others at home.

Matthew would do well in a family that is trauma-informed and has experience with youth who have learning needs. The family for Matthew would be patient and work to meet his needs as they come up. Matthew does well in one-on-one interaction. Matthew has bio connections that are important to him and would like a family who supports those connections. He would thrive in a two-parent household with no children or siblings, or much older siblings, as he does well with lots of attention.

Mathew was born in 2011.

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