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Meet Morina!

Morina has a love for art and working with animals. She enjoys going outside and seeing different animals but Lizards are her favorite! Arts and crafts are a great way to bond with this youth.

Morina enjoys going to church with family and friends. The most important holidays are Christmas and her birthday. Morina would benefit from a family that values the importance of celebrating all holidays in a family setting. She enjoys watching movies, with Turner and Hooch being one of her favorites. Morina is very sentimental and likes to collect everything. For example, she likes to keep all bracelets from hospitals, her artwork, and other miscellaneous items.

An ideal family for Morina would consist of two parents and younger children. She thrives when given the opportunity to be a role model and would greatly benefit from such a role. A family that excels in creating a patient and nurturing environment would be perfect for her, as she occasionally struggles with impatience and anxiety. Given her love for fishing, Morina would greatly appreciate living in a neighborhood with access to a park or pond. These spaces provide her with a calming escape when she feels overwhelmed and in need of relaxation.

Morina was born in 2007.

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