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Meet Dylan!

Intrigued by lights, ceiling fans, and light poles, it’s perhaps not surprising that Dylan has a mechanical inclination. He is very curious about how things operate and likes to watch the mechanics of objects. At one point, his teacher gave him a fan to disassemble, and Dylan spent a week taking it apart to figure out how it worked.

Dylan is kind to animals and bonds well with them. He is particularly fond of energetic dogs, and his pets tend to fall asleep in his arms. Dylan also likes to play on his tablet, draw, listen to music and put together puzzles in his free time. He also enjoys watching car-related videos on YouTube.

The ideal family would be a two-parent household where he is either the only child or with much older siblings. Dylan would benefit from a family who will patiently listen to and work with him to help nurture his development.

Dylan was born in 2009.

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