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Meet Liam!

Liam is a helpful and loving boy who enjoys drawing, swimming, building things, and playing with the household dogs. Liam loves being outside, playing with the neighborhood kids, riding scooters, or walking the dogs. Liam’s favorite foods are breakfast burritos and beef burritos. Liam states that his favorite sport is soccer. Something fun Liam would like to do is swim with fish.

Liam states that lunch and friends are his favorite parts of school. He also likes art, ceramics, math, and science. Someday, Liam would like to learn how to build things out of wood or metal and eventually have his own business selling his creations.

Liam shares that he is open to a family with any type of parents and siblings. He also shares that he would love to have a couple of nice, friendly dogs and possibly farm animals. Liam would love family activities that include being outdoors and interacting with animals. Liam will thrive in a loving, caring, patient home that can provide structure and one-on-one attention. A family committed to helping Liam do his best in school would be ideal.

Liam was born in 2008.

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