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Armando is a remarkable 14-year-old boy with a heart full of dreams and a passion for soccer that knows no bounds. Despite his shy and quiet nature, Armando’s gentle spirit shines through his love for the game, video games, Uno, and watching pro football. (Especially the Ravens). He’s also quite the thrill-seeker and enjoys jumping and playing at places like Sky Zone, embracing every moment of joy life offers.

Armando’s eyes light up whenever he talks about soccer. He’s not just a casual fan; he dreams of becoming a professional soccer player someday. His dedication to the sport is inspiring, and his drive to improve his skills is unwavering. Armando spends countless hours practicing, honing his techniques, and perfecting his game. His determination to chase his dreams is a testament to his resilience and commitment.

An instant win with Armando is taking him out for his favorite food – Tacos. He loves tacos of all kinds and isn’t too picky about the restaurant as long as they make a good taco.

Armando enjoys playing video games and engaging in game nights when he’s not on the soccer field, with Uno being one of his favorites. His competitive spirit adds a spark to these gatherings, making every moment memorable.

Armando would thrive in a low-key, warm, and loving two-parent family environment. He would do best with parents who have experience and understand the need for patience as they help Armando work through his trauma. He is best suited as an only child or significantly younger sibling. Armando would also like a family to help him explore and stay connected with his Hispanic heritage.

Armando is on a journey to find his forever home, where he can continue pursuing his dreams of becoming a professional soccer player and, more importantly, where he can experience the love, support, and stability of a caring family.

Armando was born in 2009.

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