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Meet Kevin!

If you love superheroes, you’re going to love Kevin! Kevin is an avid DC lover. His eyes light up when he sees a DC comic and will tell you all about the different characters and their stories (some he makes up on his own.) Even if you’re not a superhero lover, Kevin does enjoy other things. Kevin likes Legos, trucks, and coloring. Kevin has an amazing imagination that allows for some great adventures during playtime. Kevin enjoys that one on one time and is a sweetheart that one can’t help but want to snuggle during those downtimes, like when reading a good book.

Kevin loves school. He says that it is “action-packed!” Who doesn’t love an action-packed classroom? He enjoys spending time with his peers and playing games.

The ideal family for Kevin would be a two-parent household that enjoys superheroes, playing around, and just being silly together. A family that is warm and also has solid boundaries would be great. Older siblings would be ideal so Kevin can have someone to look up to. Kevin would be fine as an only child as well (he does love being spoiled). A family that is understanding and patient, that will allow Kevin the time to get comfortable and know that he can trust them would be good.

Kevin was born in 2013.

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