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Meet Anthony!

A determined young man with a great smile and infectious spirit! Anthony loves all things sports, but his all-time favorite activity is football, where he can play either Quarterback, Receiver, or tackle His favorite team is the Kansas City Chiefs. Ask him anything about them, and he will gladly give you all the stats. When Anthony wants to enjoy some quiet time, he grabs a fishing pole and his sketchbook, then heads lakeside, where he drops a line in the water and draws while he waits for the fish to bite.

Anthony enjoys learning about various subjects. Some of his favorites involve science, nature, and geography. He is especially interested in and knowledgeable about reptiles.

Anthony loves to laugh and enjoys telling jokes or a good tall tale. Anthony is looking for an active family that can make him feel loved, include him in family decisions about his future, and provide the structure and routine in which Anthony thrives.

Anthony would do well in an experienced single father or a home with a mother and father, as an only child or the youngest child with older brothers, and boundaries and clear expectations. He hopes a family can be active with him and attend all his sporting events. Anthony does well with consistent structure, patient directions, and connection. A family that could provide a healthy balance of structure and connection would be ideal.

Anthony was born in 2006.

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