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Meet Royalette!

Royalette is a strong-willed and happy girl. She will respond positively to people she knows well and enjoys one-on-one attention. Royalette loves music and will sing along to her favorite songs. She also enjoys floating or walking in the pool and laughing. 

Her foster mother describes Royalette as smart and able to easily adapt. She is well-behaved and rarely gets upset but can show lots of facial expressions.   

Royalette enjoys school and can pick up on directions quickly in the classroom and at home. She enjoys her time at school and the opportunity to interact with her teachers. 

Royalette would do well in a single-parent or two-parent home that has the flexibility in their schedule to attend to her needs. She would do well with other children as long as she is supervised when around them for safety precautions. A family who has experience with her medical needs would be preferred, but any loving family that is open and willing to learn how to care for Royalette is welcome. 

Royalette was born in 2009.

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