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Meet playful and kind Joshua!

Joshua is a hilarious and energetic kid who loves to play video games, especially Smash Bros. When Joshua is not playing video games, he loves to go swimming, play flag football for his school, and go to the park.  Joshua has also started a new passion for cooking and he can make a mean pot of mac and cheese!

Joshua’s favorite type of music is rap and loves Michael Jackson. He enjoys eating burgers from his favorite restaurant, McDonald’s. His perfect day would include swimming for hours, eating ice cream and donuts followed by playing laser tag. Joshua loves to learn in and out of school.  He says his favorite subject is lunch, but also math. Joshua likes his teacher and spending time with his friends. When asked what he wants to do when he gets older, Joshua says he wants to build a machine that can fly and be a superhero!

The ideal family for Joshua consists of a two-parent household that is ready to love him unconditionally. Joshua is open to having siblings but would do best in a home without younger siblings. Joshua says he would like his forever family to know that he is helpful (one of Joshua’s best qualities is that he is very helpful when he notices someone in need) and he can do flips underwater. He would also love a family that has a dog.  Joshua shares that he would like his forever family to be kind, consistent, loving, and patient.

Joshua was born in 2008.

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