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Andre is a soft-spoken young man with a heart of a fighter. With dreams of being a professional MMA fighter. Andre enjoys playing with his WWE action figures, going to the arcade, and drawing characters from a video game he hopes to create one day. Andre said that he loves football and enjoys being a lineman, watching Arizona Cardinal games, and would like to be on a wrestling team for his school. At school, Andre enjoys learning about other cultures, history, and math. Andre would like to train in MMA, but he wants his forever family to know that he is a gentle young man who is quiet when he is happy.

Andre’s forever family will need to provide an understanding, judgment-free environment. Andre’s ideal family would be a traditional two-parent home. The family will need to be supportive of Andre’s connection to the bio family. Andre would like to spend time with his forever family through family outings and support at Andre’s future sporting events.

Andre was born in 2008.

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