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Say hello to Owen—an energetic, humorous, and lively young man. Owen loves to stay active and enjoys riding his scooter, bike, and skateboard. He also likes to go swimming, play basketball, tetherball, and foursquare! When Owen is indoors, he often plays with Legos, or his favorite board game “Sorry!”. Although Owen has no preference in food (he enjoys eating all foods), Owen’s favorite restaurant is Olive Garden.

Additionally, Owen enjoys going to church and listening to worship music and going to Sunday School. He hopes to become part of a family that likes to watch his favorite movie, Jurassic World, and take him to football, baseball, and basketball games.

Owen wants families to know his favorite sports teams are the Steelers, Diamondbacks, and the Golden State Warriors. All in all, Owen needs a loving home that can provide stability, boundaries, and structure. He would do best as the youngest child in a two parent household.

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