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Jaime is a shy young person who best expresses himself through playing basketball and football. When Jaime not playing, he is hanging out with his friends. Seafood is Jaime’s favorite but is willing to try different foods. Jaime enjoys listening to rap, especially Lil’ Baby. Jamie is looking forward to high school to try out for the football team. Playing sports brings a lot of calm and joy. Jaime is an affable kid and ultimately, he just needs a ball, some fresh air, and good company to have a good time.

The ideal family for Jaime would be one who loves to be outside. Not only playing sports but trying new things and enjoying each other’s company. A mom and dad is preferred. Jaime would love to have an older brother but would be fine being an only child as well. Jaime loves dogs, so if the family has one (or multiple) that is a plus!

Jaime was born in 2008.

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