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Prince Eli

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Meet Prince Eli!

This exuberant boy is sure to keep you on your toes as you get to know all about who he is. Full of energy and adventure, Prince Eli will not fail in bringing both smiles and laughter to your life! He loves to learn about dinosaurs and show off his collection of toys. Spiderman is his favorite superhero—ask him to show you how he shoots webs out of his hands and climbs up buildings!

Prince enjoys being active and will spend hours in the backyard playing soccer and improving his natural skills. During summer, he likes to get his energy out at the trampoline park and local jungle gyms. However, nothing brings Prince more joy than getting to cuddle up and watch a movie with those close to him.

Prince loves to soak up attention and would do best with a mom and dad or single mother family who can provide him with support, structure, and positive reinforcement. As an only child, he would be able to give back two-fold, the affection and sweetness he is shown by a forever family. Only in-state families and families with foster care and/or adoption experience are being considered at this time.

Prince Eli was born in 2013.

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