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Salina is a vibrant young woman. She has a big personality and likes to laugh. She loves playing volleyball and basketball with friends in her free time. She also enjoys listening to her favorite rap music or playing games on her tablet. Salina also loves to dance and enjoys teaching others new moves. Salina enjoys going out to eat and spending quality time with peers and supports. Her favorite place to eat at is Peter Piper Pizza because she enjoys playing games, eating pizza and wings, and meeting new people.

Salina enjoys going to school and is a great student. She enjoys learning new things and her favorite subject is math. She is a great advocate for herself and is able to vocalize her needs and desires well. She dreams of going to Disneyland or Disneyworld someday, and if she could have three wishes, she would wish for unlimited coffee, unlimited Takis, and to be a great singer.

Salina would thrive in a family that is patient, understanding, and willing to meet her where she is at. She would benefit from a one or two-parent family that can provide her with a lot of one-on-one attention. She strongly desires a forever family that would be open to helping her maintain contact with important bio-family connections.

Salina was born in 2006.

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