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Meet Phillip!

Phillip is a quiet, respectful, hard-working, driven, and goal-oriented youth who enjoys playing football and soccer, lifting weights, working out,  playing video games, and creating TikTok or YouTube videos. Phillip can be shy when meeting new people, but once comfortable and has had time to build relationships is loyal, easily engaged, and enjoys talking about personal interests and learning about others. Phillip is a bright deep thinker who is especially interested in learning the mechanical functions of vehicles and would love to tear into any engine to learn how it works. Phillip also enjoys having downtime alone to listen to music and think.

Phillip enjoys school, does well, and is well-liked by peers and teachers. Phillip’s favorite subjects are PE, math, and classes where they learn how things work. Phillip is self-motivated to do well and will do great things with little direction, encouragement, and support. Phillip aspires to attend college on a football scholarship or a trade school to learn auto mechanics.

Phillip would do well in an active yet laid-back family with a strong male role model, either a single father or a mother and father, with parenting experiences, structure, solid boundaries, and clear expectations. Phillip would do best in a home with older male siblings. Phillips does not want to leave Arizona because of strong family ties.

Phillip was born in 2007.

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