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Meet Payton!

Payton enjoys exploring outside and swinging on the swings. It does not take much to make her laugh and she has quite an infectious laugh. Payton enjoys her alone time but also likes to be around others. She is a clean freak and is organized. She’s a singer who enjoys listening to music and playing with sensory stimulation toys. She loves pizza and is always open to trying new foods. She has a good balance of having fun outside but also enjoys her resting time inside.

Payton enjoys going to school. She enjoys being around her peers and is an active learner. Payton doesn’t have any plans just yet, just enjoying her youth.

Payton would blend well with a family that has a balance of being active and low-key. Payton needs a more flexible family who is able to keep to her schedule and tend to her medical needs. Payton would be fine with either a single or joint-parent household. The family does not necessarily need to be experienced just open-minded to Payton’s individuality. Payton is a respecter of persons and pets. The family should just be aware that Payton has certain needs that have to be met and be willing to meet those needs.

Payton is a happy and mild-mannered young lady. She enjoys new people, things, and places. She is talkative through her non-verbal communication and does not have a problem letting her thoughts be known. Payton is a pleasure to be around.

Payton was born in 2012.

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