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Payton is an easy-going girl who thrives with a schedule. She enjoys cleaning up after herself (and others) and making sure that everything is put in place. Payton has an infectious laugh and smile that brightens up the room. Payton enjoys being on the swings as well as swinging ribbons and scarves around. She is a whirlwind of joyful energy!

Payton would blend well with a family who enjoys being outside but also allows for that downtime. Payton needs a family who is able to keep to her schedule and tend to her medical needs. Payton would be fine with either a single or joint-parent household. The family does not necessarily need to be experienced, just open-minded to Payton’s individuality. Payton is a respecter of persons and pets. The family should just be aware that Payton has certain needs that have to be met and be willing to meet those needs.

Payton was born in 2012.

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