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Meet Serenity!

Serenity is a delightful and compassionate teen who radiates warmth and positivity.

With a passion for singing and a love for animals, Serenity finds joy in every moment, whether it’s belting out tunes, discussing furry friends, or soaking in the beauty of nature at the park. At home, she enjoys the simple pleasures of curling up with a captivating book or unleashing her creativity through coloring, crafting, and building intricate Lego creations. But Serenity’s zest for life doesn’t stop indoors; she’s equally at home outdoors, whether shooting hoops on the basketball court or bouncing with laughter on the trampoline. Her adventurous spirit and boundless energy make her the perfect companion for any outdoor activity.

More than just hobbies, Serenity values the bonds of family and cherishes moments spent engaging in imaginative and creative pursuits with her support system. She thrives in an environment where she feels loved, supported, and encouraged to express herself freely. For Serenity, finding her forever family means finding a loving home in Arizona, preferably in Maricopa County, where she can continue to receive the essential services and remain close to the supportive network she holds dear to her heart.

Serenity was born in 2007.

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