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Alexander is a pleasant and friendly young man who can sit down and have a conversation easily with anyone. He enjoys taking exploratory walks outside and also enjoys being indoors playing board games, card games, and video games. He especially loves Connect Four, Uno, and Fortnite.

Alexander is currently in 7th grade. He states that he enjoys school and that his favorite subject is math. He likes to spend time playing outside with his friends. He would like to graduate from high school and is still deciding on plans past high school.

Alexander would do best in a home with one or two parents (as long as there is a mother), older siblings, and no pets. Alexander is open to moving out of state and very much wants to be adopted. Alexander would do well in a home that can provide him with structure and routine. A home where Alexander knows what is expected of him would be ideal. Alexander would do best in a home that can meet his need to feel loved and accepted unconditionally.

Alexander was born in 2010.

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