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Kasumy is a cheerful, creative, and thoughtful girl. She loves playing board games, watching her favorite movie Frozen, playing with her Barbie dolls, and collecting unique coins. Kasumy also says she is a bit of a tomboy and enjoys being outside racing bikes and playing at the park.

When you ask Kasumy what her perfect weekend would be, she says eating at Peter Piper Pizza and going to the zoo with friends. Of course, if that is not possible, Kasumy also loves to color and draw, or bake things such as banana bread and muffins.

Kasumy likes school. She says her favorite subjects are P.E. and Art. Kasumy is improving her reading and writing skills dramatically and also loves computer class. Kasumy says when she grows up she wants to be a hairstylist.

Kasumy would benefit from a one or two parent home, with a lot of structure. Kasumy says she prefers a family without siblings so she can receive more attention but doesn’t mind brothers. Kasumy hopes her ideal family would be willing to let her try gymnastics someday.

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