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Meet Kasumy!

She describes herself as quiet, happy, and open to trying new things. She expresses her creativity by beading, painting, and crafting. She appreciates being included in activities and will gladly help with gardening or cooking. Kasumy shared that her perfect weekend would be eating at Peter Piper Pizza and going to the zoo with friends. Kasumy would also want to color, draw and bake some banana bread to complete her weekend.

Kasumy says her favorite subjects are P.E. and Art, and she would be thrilled if her new family could teach her Spanish. Kasumy is improving her reading and writing skills dramatically and loves computer class.

The family best suited for Kasumy would be very experienced in behaviors and trauma-based parenting. She currently has visits with her sister and brother, so the ideal family would support a healthy sibling relationship. Since Kasumy thrives when she receives attention, her team is looking for a family with no other children or a family with children who are much older than her. Kasumy does well with straightforward parenting with strong rules and redirection.

Kasumy was born in 2008.

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