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Meet Joshua!

Joshua is a young boy who loves to listen to rap artists like Eminem and play games on his tablet. Joshua is also starting to get involved with basketball and football and would love to play on his team at school someday.

Joshua’s perfect weekend would include going to Peter Piper Pizza and maybe going to Disneyland or New York City to see the Statue of Liberty. He would also love to spend time on the beach or get a nice veggie burrito at Chipotle. To top off his perfect weekend, he would have a big bag of Takis or Hot Cheetos because he loves spicy snacks.
Joshua enjoys going to school. He doesn’t have a favorite subject, but he does love lunch hour. Joshua is still deciding what profession to be when he grows up. But he is learning new skills and is starting to figure out what his passions are. He does want to try a few after-school activities like boxing or karate.

Joshua would benefit from a one or two-parent home, with or without siblings. His ideal family would provide him with a lot of structure and one-on-one attention. Joshua hopes his adoptive family will be willing to play football with him and keep him in contact with his brothers and current foster mother in Arizona.

Joshua was born in 2009.

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