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Meet Lilyan!

Lilyan, who prefers to go by the name Lily, is a creative and endearing teen who enjoys drawing, listening to music and playing sports like tennis and badminton.

Lily can be shy initially, but her sincere and witty personality becomes obvious after spending time with her. She is very musical and knows songs that are decades older than her, and she loves dancing to videos such as the Rhythm Dance Series.

Lily likes to swim and play video games when it’s hot outside, and you will also find her watching funny animal videos on online. She dreams about becoming a mom and having a little girl, and says her daughter will be very kind. Lily is practical and inquisitive and would love to learn more about how eyeglasses work. She wants her adoptive family to know that she is creative and can draw.

The ideal family will be trauma-informed and patient as Lily can be defiant of strict authority. Lily shared that she wants to be adopted into a family with a mother. This could be a family with a mother and father, or a single mom. Lily is longing for a nurturing, caring family that she can rely on, and she would prefer to be the youngest child in the home.

Lily was born in 2006.

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