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Robert is an independent, kind, and easy-going young man. In his free time, Robert loves playing video games or biking around the neighborhood with friends. During the summer, he likes going swimming, getting a treat from Water and Ice, and exploring the outdoors. Robert is not a picky eater and says pizza is his favorite food. Robert is also a shoe connoisseur and loves collecting them. He dreams of one day learning how to design and create a specialized pair of shoes when he is older.

When it comes to school, Robert’s favorite classes are science and biology. He is very curious, creative, and enjoys learning new things pertaining to his interests. Robert likes sports and is interested in joining his school’s baseball or track team. Robert has plans of becoming a bodyguard one day and describes himself as being very protective over others. Robert enjoys refining his skills and learning new things to remain driven in life.

Robert is searching for a family who understands the true meaning of love and commitment. He strongly desires parents who are dependable and steadfast. Robert needs parents who will stand by his side through every triumph and challenge. He envisions a home filled with laughter, love, and shared adventures, where he can continue to explore his passions and embrace the joy of family life. Robert wants adoptive families to know that he is very loyal and that once he gets to know someone, he tends to be very protective over them. Robert would do best in a two-parent household with or without siblings. Robert prefers to remain in AZ due to maintaining contact with his siblings. It is best that he is in a home without pets.

Robert was born in 2008.

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