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Meet Russell!

Russell is a joy to be around. He’s happy and talkative and more than willing to go out to eat. He enjoys not only watching Pokemon but collecting them as well. He’s a big anime kid, especially Deathnote. If he’s not watching something, he’s playing either Fortnite, COD, or GTA 5. When he gets bored with being inside, Russell enjoys being outside as well. He has gotten into flag football recently and is open to playing other sports. Russell is open to new experiences and activities.

Russell also enjoys helping keep things clean and tidy in the home. He gets joy from knowing that he is being helpful and will go above and beyond both in and out of the house. Russell has a great smile and can easily make you laugh from his silliness. He sees the world as the wonder that it is.

He likes to be around his peers, just making them laugh or playing games. He looks forward to getting old enough to get a job at a fast-food restaurant and start making money. Ultimately, he wants to be a police officer and a lawyer. He already has the plan to be an officer during the day and a lawyer at night. Russell is confident in himself and his abilities to succeed in this.

The ideal family is a two-parent household that is willing to shower Russell with love but also give him his alone time. A family that has structure put into place but can balance giving Russell the ability to grow as well is ideal. Russell would do well in a family that is adventurous but also laid back. Older or same aged siblings would be great as Russell really wants some brothers and sisters that he can hang out with but also look up to. He is looking to go back to Tucson or his home state of Ohio.

Russell was born in 2010.

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