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Meet Russell!

Russell is a joy to be around. This social butterfly enjoys meeting and being around people. Russell just enjoys spending time, whether it be a good show, playing some games, eating a meal, or exploring outside. Russell is always open to new experiences and activities. Russell has a great smile and can easily make you laugh through a silly demeanor. Russell sees the world as the wonder that it is.

A highlight of any day is to be around his peers, just making them laugh or playing games. Russell loves going to school and not only learning but also being around his friends. Looking to the future, the goal is to become a SWAT Leader.

The ideal family is a two-parent household that is willing to shower Russell with love. A family that has structure put into place. A family that is adventurous but also laid back. A family that can learn from Russell and is willing to work with his needs. Older or same-aged siblings would be great as Russell really wants some brothers and sisters that he can hang out with but also look up to.

Russell was born in 2010.

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