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Ahnaleigh describes herself as calm, helpful, shy, and funny. She enjoys school and gets above-average grades in all of her classes. Her favorite subjects are math and reading, and she is looking forward to going to college. When it’s too hot to play outside, she will spend her time coloring, watching television shows such as Raven’s Home, and reading books like Big Nate, Dork Diaries, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Ahnaleigh is athletic and plays a wide variety of sports, including volleyball, basketball, skating, gymnastics, and flag football. She loves animals and has had a pet dog and lizard that she took excellent care of. Ahnaleigh knows how to speak a small amount of Spanish and would love a family who could help her become fluent.

Since Ahnaleigh has family connections in Arizona, the family must reside in that state, preferably in the Phoenix area. The family best suited for Ahnaleigh would be experienced in trauma-based parenting and would continue supporting her family connections. Since Ahnaleigh thrives in a quiet and peaceful setting, her team is looking for a family with older children or no other children in the home.

Ahnaleigh was born in 2009.

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