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Romauldo is a kind young man who loves to play video games such as Borderlands, Minecraft, and Madden. He also enjoys hanging out with friends and riding his bike around the neighborhood. In his free time, Romauldo likes watching anime, going to the movies, and listening to hip-hop and rap music. His favorite artist is Rod Wave. Romauldo loves going out to eat at Sonic and getting a Sonic Blast for dessert.

Romauldo primarily likes school for the social aspect and enjoys going to his P.E. class. He joined the track and field team at his school and is excited to train for the long jump. Romauldo has a heart for animals and has career aspirations to become a veterinarian one day. Romauldo has plans to pursue vet tech school upon high school graduation.

Romauldo would thrive in a one or two-parent home, with or without siblings. Romauldo says he would prefer an active family with animals that would stick with him through the ups and downs of life. The family best suited for Romauldo would be experienced and provide a strong routine for him. Romauldo prefers to remain in the state and close to his supports.

Romauldo was born in 2007.

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