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Meet Tauke!

Tauke is a caring, funny, and silly young man! The three words he uses to describe himself are smart, cool, and goofy! He is very active and loves to do things outside. Tauke likes to go hiking, swimming, ride his bike or scooter, and play different sports. He said that his favorite places are on top of a mountain and in the water. You might have a hard time getting him to go back inside or to get out of the pool because he loves it so much! His biggest dream is to climb a big tall tree. Tauke also loves to dance and sing. His favorite song is “Believer” by Imagine Dragons and watching him dance and sing to this song is so fun! He has so many dance moves that he loves to show off. He has a ukulele that he likes to play and make up songs on. He does an amazing and silly version of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

He enjoys watching YouTube, playing games on his tablet, and watching Disney+ and PBS Kids. His favorite movie is Boss Baby and his favorite TV show is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He likes action figures and wants to be a Police Officer when he gets older. His favorite food is eggs with ranch. He loves adding ranch to everything! He is getting better at trying new foods as well! His favorite restaurant is McDonald’s.

Tauke enjoys school and he says his favorite subject is reading because he likes books. One thing he wants to learn how to do is ride a motorcycle!

He would do best with a family where he is the only child or significantly younger than the other youth in the home. A family who has experience parenting or fostering youth with trauma is ideal. A family that is patient, understanding, ready to work hard, and consistent would benefit him greatly. It is asked that the family can provide a very structured environment for Tauke. Tauke is very affectionate and loving so a family that can be affectionate back with him and can make him feel loved and cared for is important.

Tauke was born in 2012.

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