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Meet Logan!

Logan is kind, goofy, and thoughtful. He enjoys playing video games and loves playing Call of Duty, GTA, and Fortnite. He also likes sports and enjoys listening to music in his free time. Logan is often very friendly, outgoing, and energetic. When it comes to food, some of Logan’s favorite places to eat include Panda Express and McDonald’s. Logan also loves eating spicy food and says his favorite snack is blue Takis.

When it comes to school, Logan likes to remain active and enjoys hands-on learning. He likes to partake in physical activities and is currently involved in an agriculture program at his school. Logan does not know what he wants to be when he grows up but is interested in learning more about cars.

Logan would do best in a two-parent household consisting of a mom and dad. He is open to having pets and siblings. Logan does best in a highly structured environment and would benefit from a family that follows a strict routine. Logan prefers to remain close to his current connections and wishes to reside in Arizona or California in the future.

Logan was born in 2011.

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