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Meet Logan!

Logan is described as goofy, sweet, funny, caring, and thoughtful. Some of his team also describe him as strong-willed, articulate, and over-protective of the ones he trusts in his life. He is very creative and tends to take care of others more than himself. He makes friends easily and is well-liked by his peers.

Logan likes to play and watch sports like soccer. When inside, he enjoys playing Legos, building with Jenga blocks, and watching Anime, is an amazing artist, and likes to play card games. His favorite food is Mexican food, but he also loves ramen, spaghetti, and blue Takis.

An ideal environment for Logan would be a home that is structured, trauma-informed, and experienced. An in-state family that could provide him with consistency and structure is needed as well as a family that has a strong sense of family loyalty is important. He would do best in a two-parent home with a father figure.

Logan was born in 2011.

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