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Jaiden is a playful and creative 8 year-old boy. Jaiden says that Spiderman is his favorite super hero, but he has t-shirts of a lot of others. Jaiden has many different hobbies and enjoys building things out of cardboard and paper. His favorite video game is Minecraft and he also likes to play the game “I spy” with other people.

Jaiden’s favorite sport is soccer, but he likes to swim as well.  He’s taken swim lessons and really enjoyed it. Jaiden says that he has gone to the beach before and loves it. He hopes to visit a beach again someday. Jaiden’s favorite foods are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or bean and cheese burritos. However, Jaiden adds that he “pretty much likes everything”.

The ideal family for Jaiden would be a two parent household with preferably a stay at home parent and no other children, as Jaiden will require a lot of patience, love and attention to thrive.

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