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Meet Jaiden!

Jaiden is an energetic and charming boy who loves soccer and playing with Legos. Some of his other interests are playing the video game Minecraft, superheroes, and watching PBS Kids. Jaiden’s favorite movie is How To Train Your Dragon.

Jaiden also enjoys many different types of foods including, donuts, bean burritos, lasagna, and spaghetti. In school, Jaiden continues to progress and enjoys reading. He says dogs are his favorite animal and, he loves puppies of all kinds.

If Jaiden could go anywhere in the world, he would want to visit Legoland. The ideal family for Jaiden would be a two-parent household with preferably a stay-at-home parent and no other children, as Jaiden will require a lot of patience, love, and attention to thrive.

Jaiden was born in 2008.

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