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Meet Killian an imaginative teen who is navigating the world with a heart full of curiosity. A regular attendee at a Christian church, Killian finds fulfillment in youth classes and spending time with friends in this supportive community. One of Killian’s most cherished possessions is his sketchbook, filled to the brim with lively cartoon characters and iconic figures from his favorite video games. Art is not just a hobby for him; it’s a form of self-expression and a window into his world. When it comes to activities, video games, coloring, and building with Legos capture Killian’s attention, showcasing his creative side. Despite his limited vocabulary, Killian enjoys a diverse range of tunes, from Kids Bop to Disney songs and Pop music. He is currently honing his social skills which are developing as he continues to embrace the joy of being around people.

In considering his ideal family, Killian hopes for older siblings, and he is open to the idea of younger ones with some supervision. This preference arises from his protection when it comes to his beloved toys, which can sometimes cause upset if taken without permission. Structured environments resonate with Killian, making him well-suited for a one or two-parent home that can provide the stability he craves. Notably, he responds positively to nurturing and positive reinforcement, signaling a need for understanding parenting approaches over authoritarian styles.

Killian was born in 2008.

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