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Jessie and Mark

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Meet Jessie and Mark!

Meet Jessie and Mark, spirited siblings who love to play and take care of each other! Jessie is a creative and energetic girl, who loves to express herself artistically and enjoys spending time in the water. Her perfect day involves pool time and eating her favorite birthday cake pancakes. Jessie loves warm hugs and has a playful spirit. She looks forward to starting soccer.

Mark is a talkative and charismatic boy. He lights up when talking about Spider-man, action figures, and monster trucks, and loves to let his imagination flow. When Mark is outside, he enjoys riding his scooter and learning new tricks on it. He is also looking forward to starting soccer soon!

Church holds a special place in the lives of both of these siblings, and they can’t wait to ask when they are going again.
Jessie and Mark would thrive in a two-parent home that can provide them with abundant attention and love.

Jessie was born in 2014 and Mark was born in 2017.

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