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Itzel, Fabian, & Xitlali

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Meet Itzel, Fabian, and Xitlali, three fun and energetic siblings who are looking for their forever family!

Itzel has a curious mind and a big imagination. She loves to daydream about anything and everything. She likes being out in nature and looking for different insects and critters. During her free time, she enjoys watching YouTube videos and playing video games like Roblox. Her favorite food is pizza, but she loves McDonald’s, especially if it has a playground inside! Itzel is in the third grade, but she does not have a favorite subject in school just yet. She loves to color, draw, origami, and putting things together. She is very crafty! She loves playing games and video games but is not much of a TV watcher. She also loves make-up!

Fabian is very active and protective of those he loves. He enjoys building things with Legos and architecture in general. He loves anything with wheels that he can ride like rollerblades, scooters, and skateboards. He loves to be outside and likes trees, flowers, and plants. He loves all fruits and vegetables, but plums are his favorite. Fabian is not a picky eater and loves food from all cultures. His favorite is “Hispanic soul food.” When you ask him what his favorite restaurant is, he will say “all of them!” but agrees with his sisters that Peter Piper Pizza is really fun! When outside, Fabian loves sports like football and soccer and inside, he enjoys playing video games like Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite. His current favorite song is “Who Let the Dogs Out.” He also loves Marvel movies. He can understand Spanish and can speak a little bit as well! He really loves his Hispanic culture like the music and the food and would love to be with Spanish-speaking people.

Xitlali has a very bubbly and outgoing personality. She is very girly and loves to match her hair bows to her outfits. Her favorite foods are fruits like strawberries and oranges. Her favorite places to go are Peter Piper Pizza, McDonalds, and Skyzone. She also loves to roller skate and wants to go more! Like her older siblings, she enjoys watching YouTube and playing video games like Minecraft. Her favorite shows and YouTube channels are “Rainbow Friends” and “Mikey Bots.” She loves to be outside and playing water activities. She also loves going to the park and using the swings and slides. She also likes to color and use chalk.

Together, these siblings would benefit from a home that is able to provide them with one-on-one attention while also helping to maintain their strong sibling bond. A two-parent home that has experience parenting children with trauma is ideal. It is also important that the family is able to provide structure and teach them about healthy, safe relationships and boundaries. These siblings love to be moving whether it is playing at a park, going to Skyzone, or just doing anything where they can run around and play. A family that has access to these types of activities would be best. There is no preference for other youth in the home, location of the family, or having pets in the home.

Itzel was born in 2014. Fabian was born in 2015. Xitlali was born in 2017.

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