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Harlowe is a very sweet, polite, and talkative little girl who loves to be helpful. She loves playing outside whenever she is able. Some outdoor activities Harlowe enjoys are swinging, going on the slide, and jumping on the trampoline. She also loves animals and going to the zoo. Harlowe enjoys going camping whenever she is healthy enough to do so. When it’s hot outside, Harlowe likes to play inside with her toys such as her dollhouse and her matchbox cars. She also has fun playing with musical toys and dancing and making up her own songs. Harlowe enjoys educational videos, games, and toys and continues to make progress with her learning.

Harlowe’s favorite TV shows are Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, and Mickey Mouse. Harlowe is very social and loves being around other people. However, she also does well playing on her own and has a great imagination.

The ideal family for Harlowe will have existing knowledge and experience regarding multiple medical needs or an openness to becoming educated in this area. It is strongly recommended that Harlowe be placed in a two-parent home that has the availability to meet any possible needs that arise that call for immediate attention.

Harlowe would do well in a family with or without other children. She needs a family who is willing and able to advocate for her needs. Harlowe is looking for a family who will love her, spend time with her, play with her, and take good care of her.

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