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Meet Harlowe!

Harlowe is a sweet young girl, who typically goes by Harlee. She loves to play with Barbies, her iPad, and to ride on her scooter. Harlee has made a lot of progress in her physical and medical treatments in the last year or so as well! Harlee enjoys Peppa Pig, sparkles, and unicorns as well. She is very affectionate to those that she attaches with and does well in school, particularly when she can get one-on-one attention.

Harlee would do well in a family that can help Harlee with her medical treatments and has an understanding of long-term trauma. Harlee also would do well in a family where she can get a lot of attention and where she is the youngest in the family. Currently, the team is only accepting families in Arizona.

Harlowe was born in 2014.

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