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Meet Elias!

Elias, who prefers to go by Eli, is an outgoing and friendly kid who enjoys being active outdoors and playing games. Eli’s favorite sport is basketball, and he loves the Phoenix Suns. Eli also enjoys watching movies, playing computer games, and reading. Eli’s favorite restaurant is Cracker Barrel, not only because of the food but also because there is plenty to see and do there. Eli doesn’t have a favorite food but is definitely not a fan of raw tomatoes or fish.

Eli is an intelligent, curious kid who loves to learn! Math is his favorite subject in school, next to recess, where Eli can play basketball with his friends. Eli hopes someday to become a pro basketball player who is also an astronaut. Eli dreams of playing pro basketball on the moon.

A mom and dad who can keep up with Eli and show him all the love and affection he deserves is ideal! A trauma-informed experienced family with a clear structure and healthy communication, where Eli is an only child the youngest child, willing to patiently walk through Eli’s trauma with him and understand it will take time to earn his trust, would be a great fit for this bright, loving, funny, and resilient kid. Eli is eager to build relationships and create happy memories with a forever family.

Eli was born in 2012.

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