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Meet Daymiun!

Daymiun, who likes to go by DJ, is a passionate and caring young man. He loves video games and watching Netflix. His favorite shows are mostly Anime and whose titles will not be known by most. His favorite game is Clash of Clans on the phone or Fortnite on the console. DJ loves animals and has even most recently been a modern-day dog whisper at his last placement. He was even able to teach the family dog new tricks, and the dog may even like him more than the family as it’s always by his side. DJ loves to help out around the house and go on car rides to play Pokémon go. He loves spending time together doing activities and loves to just hangout!

Daymiun desires to be part of a loving and experienced family. He would do well in either a two-parent or single-parent home that can give him a lot of attention. At least one parent would need a flexible schedule to keep up with Daymiun’s required care and active lifestyle. Daymiun would do best in a home with children who are older than him.

Daymiun was born in 2006.

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