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Meet Bradly!

Bradly is quiet, polite, and has a sweet personality.

When feeling secure, the humorous side comes out. Brad does well academically. Science and Social Studies are the subjects Brad enjoys the most. Brad likes soccer and hopes to make the team at school. Other hobbies include reading, playing video games (Zelda), and going outside, or catch an occasional comedy movie. On a hot day, Brad likes to go to the pool or engage in some kind of water play.

Brad likes anything ramen and bagels and like most kids, enjoys eating sugary candy like Skittles and Starburst. Brad would thrive in a home with a mom and dad. Brad would love to be part of a family that likes to engage in activities together such as family night watching movies, going out to eat, playing board games, or outside activities. Brad prefers to be an only child but would be okay with an older male sibling. Brad is okay with a family that is religious but prefers not to engage in religion. The ideal family schedule can be flexible. Brad does not have high needs but does need some supervision. Brad would do well with some structure but nothing too restrictive. Meeting Brad would go well while engaging in an outdoor sport or eating at one of his favorite restaurants. At this time, only Arizona families are being considered.

Brad was born in 2009.

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