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Meet Albert!

Albert has a very big personality. He is energetic, funny, and outgoing. He is helpful, caring, and very kind to those around him as well. He enjoys playing outside where he can run around and get his energy out. Outside, he also likes to ride his scooter or play tag. He likes to play soccer as well! His favorite sports teams are the Seahawks and the 49ers. When he is inside, he loves to sing and listen to music. He likes all music but his favorite radio station is 101.5 which is hip-hop and Miley Cyrus songs. When it comes to food, he loves burgers and fries. His favorite place to eat is McDonalds because they have good friends and he likes getting a toy! Albert doesn’t watch too much TV but when he does, he enjoys history movies. His favorite movie is Red Notice.

Albert is in 5th grade and he loves school! He loves that every time he gets an answer right, he gets a reward. His favorite subjects are science and history. Due to this, he would love to be a history scientist and is very interested in space.

The ideal family for Albert would be a two-parent home with a mother and father who can give him a lot of attention. He would do best in a home where he is the youngest child or the only child. There is no preference for animals in the home or in what state a family is from. Albert’s idea of a family is kind and gentle. He wants them to be active and like swimming or be open to anything!

Albert was born in 2013.

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