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Meet courageous and thoughtful Johnny. In his free time, Johnny enjoys watching his favorite YouTube celebrities such as Jake Paul and watching TV shows such as Percy Jackson. He also likes playing video games on his phone, listening to music, and says his favorite food of all time is a nice pizza to share. When Johnny is not inside he loves to swim, play Basketball and says his favorite hobby is collecting different types of currency.

Johnny is currently improving in school and his teachers say he is “excited to learn” and “confident in the classroom”.  Johnny makes friends easily and says he mostly struggles to do his homework like most children his age. Johnny is not sure what he wants to be when he grows up but is willing to explore his options.

The ideal family for Johnny would be an experienced one or two parent home, with or without siblings. Johnny would thrive in a family that would give him a lot of love and attention and provide him structure and stability.

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