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Meet Valerie!

Valerie is a creative, passionate, athletic teenager who dreams of being famous on social media. Valerie loves to shop and spends most of her time scrolling Tik Tok or even doing some Tik Tok dances herself. She also loves to play volleyball. Like every teenager, she loves to talk about Netflix shows, hang out, talk to friends, and participate in social media. So, whether that’s watching Vampire diaries or playing volleyball in the driveway she loves to just spend time together.

Don’t let her teenage angst scare you she has a super big heart and loves to help around the house. She even recently made quesadillas for her group home! Valerie would do best in a home where her parents are home when she is home from school. She would thrive in a home where there is a balance between being out and being home. Also, Valerie would do best in a home with older siblings or siblings close to her age. With her love of social media, a family who knows or appreciates social media would be preferred. Valerie would thrive best with an experienced family who could provide stability, life skills, and mentoring for her as she transitions to adult life. Additionally, Valerie would do well with a patient family who understands teenage girls and their behaviors.

She was born in 2007.

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