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Meet Tyler!

He is a creative, passionate, and athletic young man who wears his heart on his sleeve. He loves to play sports and plans to play football for his local high school in the 2021-2022 season. Tyler loves Panda Express, especially the orange chicken. Tyler loves to hang out and chill like many of his teenage counterparts. He is very calm and easygoing. So whether that’s watching Riverdale or shooting hoops in the driveway, he loves spending time together. Don’t let his athleticism fool you he has a big heart and creative prowess. He dreams of one day being a professional artist. He even has been working a part-time job to save money for studio time.

Tyler would do great in a two-parent or single-parent household and benefit from a male role model for his teenage years. He would do best with older siblings or siblings closer to his age. Tyler would do well with a family who likes to be active in sports, loves to spend time together just hanging out, and get their creative side out with performing arts. Tyler would especially do well in a family where music is a priority and passion. Tyler would thrive with an experienced family who could provide stability, life skills, and mentoring as he transitions to adult life. Additionally, Tyler would like a patient family who understands teenage boys and their behaviors. Lastly, Tyler would do best with a family who is ok to start with guardianship and be flexible to allow him to make the first move when it comes to adoption.

Tyler was born in 2006.

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