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Meet Ty!

Ty is someone who is so creative and has a smile that makes your whole day. He loves Legos and building them without instructions. He is spirited, creative at building, and using his existing Legos to make bigger/better things. 

Ty has made friends in the neighborhood and has gotten involved in his church’s choir where he just did a solo for Silent Night. He loves, loves, loves Minecraft!!  In his own words “Minecraft is awesome, awesome, awesome!!” Ty simply loves and believes the best in people. He loves to help, serve, and even recently had a $100 dollar shopping spree where he bought things for other people before spending any money on himself. 

Ty loves to be outdoors riding his bike, skateboard, playing with nerf guns, and playing on his flag football team. Ty wants an active family who loves to play, be active, and have fun together. He would do well in a two-parent or single-parent home with no younger children. When asked about family Ty said, “he wants to be with a family period but that he wants to be with a family that has fun a lot together.”  

Ty was born in 2010.

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