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Tocara is a lovable young lady that always has a smile on her face! Being a typical girly girl, Tocara loves to spend time making different types of jewelry, hair accessories, doing her makeup, and other varieties of arts and crafts. Her favorite outdoor activities include (but are not limited to) the hula hoop, jump rope, and spending time with her friends and loved ones. One of Tocara’s “life goals” is to go to school to become a lawyer. Another is to get

adopted at Disneyland and spend a vacation with her new family. If you ask Tocara what she looks for in a family, she responds, “a mother and a father that will love me for who I am, and call me by my nickname ‘Cara’. I also would like to have a dog one day and name him Toby”.

Tocara would highly benefit from an experienced, two-parent household that provides structure, consistency, and clear boundaries. Additionally, this home environment would need to make Tocara feel safe and secure, with guidelines she is able to adequately follow. Siblings of any age are welcomed, however it is preferred that Tocara be the youngest in the home.

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