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Sonny is an easygoing, sweet, playful little boy. He enjoys playing with toy cars, jumping on the trampoline, riding bikes, reading, and doing crafts. Sonny is very interested in trains and loves to play with his trainset. Sonny also has a pet turtle that he enjoys. Breakfast food is Sonny’s favorite! He likes to eat waffles topped with peanut butter and syrup. Sonny’s favorite restaurant is IHOP because of the smiley face pancakes. Sonny enjoys playing outdoors and going to splash pads, the park, and the zoo. He also loves to dance to pop music. When Sonny is taking it easy, he enjoys watching videos on his iPad.

Sonny enjoys school and loves art projects that include making crafts, coloring, painting, and cutting. Sonny’s therapists and teachers love working with him. If they could pick favorites, they would choose Sonny!

Sonny would do well in a home with one or two parents and would enjoy playing with older or younger siblings. If the siblings were younger, it would be best if they were within a year or two of Sonny’s age. Sonny would also be comfortable being an only child. Sonny enjoys attention but also does well playing on his own. The ideal family for Sonny will be able to understand and meet Sonny’s needs and help him thrive by ensuring that he receives all necessary supports and services.

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