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Meet Sean!

Sean is a respectful and kind youth. He loves anything military-related and is happy to show anyone his military ribbon collection. Sean is very imaginative, is good at storytelling, and can be entertaining. Sean is not a picky eater and will eat anywhere, and he loves smoothies. Sean also enjoys playing online games and watching YouTube in his free time. Sean likes sports and enjoys playing football, baseball, and basketball. His favorite NFL football team is the Seattle Seahawks.

Sean is currently in high school and is looking forward to his ROTC class this year. He enjoys socializing with friends on the bus and interacting with them at lunchtime. He is very interested in the military and dreams of joining the Marines after he graduates. He is very motivated towards making this dream a reality and is dedicated to his future goals. Sean has plans of obtaining a degree after high school, so he can attend officer training school, and eventually become an officer in the Marines.

The ideal family for Sean would be one that can provide him with love, support, and stability. Sean would do well in a one or two-parent household. Sean would thrive in a structured household that can help him understand what a caring and nurturing family dynamic feels like. Sean prefers to have siblings but would be open to being an only child. If he could have siblings, he prefers them to “be older than toddler age” as he would like to talk and interact with them on his level.

Sean was born in 2007.

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