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Sean and Chance

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Meet the creative, curious, and inquisitive brothers Sean and Chance. These boys love doing fun activities such as having NERF gun battles, playing video games like Fortnight, and swimming. They also enjoy doing after-school activities that include Cub-Scouts, camping, and playing with their pets. When the boys are relaxing they love watching their favorite TV show, Troll Hunters, or catching up on their favorite YouTube channel called Guava Juice.

The brothers say they enjoy school. Chance’s favorite class is Art because he is very creative and loves to build new things. Sean says his favorite class is P.E. because he is very active and likes to play basketball. Chance would like to be an inventor or builder when he grows up, and Sean says he would like to be either a NBA player or dentist when he grows up.

Chance says his perfect weekend would include hanging out and eating candy all day without getting a stomachache and possibly going to the Golden Corral or Waffle House for dinner. Sean says he would love to go swimming and eat a big bag of Takis, or eat his favorite food which is crab legs and shrimp, and possibly go out to dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. Sean says he loves spicy foods and enjoys a nice hot-sauce. Chance loves salty and sweet foods such as crackers, ice-cream, and chocolate.

Sean and Chance would benefit from a one or two parent family with or without siblings. They say their ideal family would be very active and enjoy doing things such as camping or helping them in the Boy-Scouts and possibly join a youth group at church. A family that is patient and can also provide a strong routine would also be very beneficial for these brothers.

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